Rise to Alive offers public speaking services for a broad range of topics from music to sports, personal relational growth to business collaboration, and life experiences to Christian living.

Kevin Clayton is a motivational speaker, educator, mentor, and charismatic character with integrity, humor, and a huge heart when it comes to positively affecting the lives of people. From his time as an athlete, his experiences as a musician, his stories as a minister, his career as a business professional, or his journey as a husband and father, he offers a deep well of knowledge and excels in speaking passionately to audiences of all sizes. 

If you are looking for a person who can impact and inspire people with a genuine candor and courage to rise above their setbacks and reach for their full potential, click the link below to request pricing or other information.



Voice-Over services are available from Rise to Alive and can be quoted on a project basis or hourly rate depending on the scope and duration of the project. With an in-house studio that utilizes all the latest recording equipment and software, Rise to Alive is able to produce quality audio in a variety of formats.

From marketing to audiobooks, a commanding voice is a must to bring your audio narration to life. Kevin Clayton has a passion and talent to utilize his voice for everything from promoting products to presenting poetry.

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