RISE! Miracle Through a Father’s Eyes is a true story of a son’s tragic accident, a father’s fight for faith, and a miracle recovery against all odds of survival. This book reveals a journey that will melt your mind, break your heart, and ignite your soul.

Author Kevin Clayton retells the incredible experience through his own eyes and shares deeply profound revelations of death, life, and the transformation that takes place when we RISE!

The book is currently in the publishing process and will be available in late 2022.

“The modern-day miracle of my son surviving a collapse, cardiac arrest due to a rare heart condition, and oxygen deprivation which could have led to catastrophic brain damage, is a story I will continue to tell for the rest of my life. By all accounts, my son had no chance to survive, but Jesus had different plans and brought my son back from the valley of death to a full recovery! You won’t want to miss your chance to read this true tale of tragedy and triumph.”   — Kevin Clayton 



“Order your copy and I believe you will be challenged to rethink your relationship with God and Jesus. Why? Because I am rethinking my relationship with Yahweh. Great story and a must-read, especially if you have experienced a hard blow of Life -vs- Death of a loved one or close friend!”         — Daniel S.

“I just bought 7 of them!! It’s a compelling story, and I feel like I’m along for the experience based on Kevin’s excellent wordsmith.  A must-read for everyone!!”          — Mark M.

“Thank you Kevin for putting into words what I could not. You truly have a God-given gift for writing. Thank you for the reminder that God is over EVERYTHING in our lives, and he watches over the LIONS and the KITTENS too!!!          — Donna B.


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